AppVersal for Education

A Leading Online Exam Delivery System While Maintaining Complete Academic Integrity

We are pleased to present to you an end-to-end solution for conducting online exams while maintaining complete academic integrity. This leading technological method is being used by all American universities to conduct online examinations for any subject.

How does the system operate?

1. Professors upload the exam in a multiple choice or solution needed format

2. Students visit our website and login with their credentials to access the exam

3. Students will use our software which prevents cheating and helps maintain complete academic integrity.

Exam formats

The University can undertake any exam with this method including physics, mathematics, circuits or any other subject.

The instructor can upload the questions and the answers can be either multiple choice or as an input box. If the instructor requires a complete written solution, the student will be required to upload a PDF of the working solution along with his submission at the end of the examination session within a 10 minute window for upload. The instructor can cross check and grade the exam thereafter.

What is our platform?

We have a Windows and Mac App (not browser based) that can be downloaded on any computer. Students need to access our website using this App.

How do we prevent cheating and maintain complete academic integrity?

1. Students use our application to take the exam.

2. Once this application is opened, it forces the student to close all other applications before our application can even start.

3. Once our application has started, the student’s computer gets locked and only our application can be used. With our application, the student will only be able to access his examination and no other website during this process.

4. The student is required to show his identification before the exam start along with an ID proof issued by the University.

5. The student is required to showcase his desk and all surrounding areas before the exam begins through the camera of the laptop.

6. The student’s exam time will be monitored and recorded via video using his/her webcam on the computer.

7. The student’s exam time will be monitored and recorded via audio using his/her audio input on the computer.

8. After the student completes the exam, he will be required to close our application.

9. No upload is allowed beyond the set timing limits.

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