What Customers Have to Say

Nothing matters to us more than providing top-notch customer service

'' Excellent, very pleased with your service. You guys have been a blessing for me and my little App. So glad that I found you. ''

Rae Mapey, SimplyDeclare.com

'' Thank you AppVersal Team, you have done a wonderful job promoting my site. The service is efficient, timely, and most important personal. Taking the time to keep me informed of what is happening with my order is excellent service quality. ''

Kerry Pritchard, TheMillionDollariPhone.com

'' I like the service. Like it that AppVersal is always reachable and ready to give feedback. ''

Wim de Nood, CleanupContacts.com

'' We have had four companies working on our marketing, but we highly recommend AppVersal, who are doing an amazing job with MindFeud and have helped us a lot with improving all aspects of the promotional material. ''

MindFeud Creators, MindFeud.net

'' AppVersal was both personal and professional at the same time. They tailored their package to my needs, and provided plenty of feedback throughout every step of the process. I could tell that AppVersal was highly invested in the success of DreamCat. ''

Brian Reinhart, Vellum Interactive

'' We have increased sales from the US. Our App is now being ranked. Your work brings results. :-) ''

Oleg Natsevsky, Rainbow Train, IQ Software